About me

My name is Holly and until recently I worked in Drama curriculum and assessment development. At the beginning of July 2016, I returned to teaching as a Head of Faculty. I lead the Art, Drama, Music and PE departments at a mixed state secondary school in Royal Tunbridge Wells. I am still an AQA & Trinity College London Drama examiner, a moderator for Pearson, Ofqual subject expert and the author for OCR’s new GCSE Drama written paper. When it comes to Drama and general or vocational qualifications I have had some input somewhere along the process!

I am also a wife, daughter and proudly still a Granddaughter (!) but most importantly (some might say) I am a mother.

I live in South East England, within the joys of the commuting belt and frequent the M25 regularly! Although I live in a quaint Kentish village nothing feels as rural as my home county of Herefordshire. 

I’m passionate about arts education. Having trained in Stage Management and Technical Theatre I’m always keen that teaching has a touch of theatre technology. My training makes me ridiculously organised and I’m never far from a to-do list, spreadsheet or event planning!

Enjoy my blog – and keep in touch!


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